The Reason Why Tattoo Removal Hurts So Much


So when you were younger you decided that you wanted a series of tattoos that you just could not live without. But now that you are much older you recognize that your thoughts and feelings about these once ‘had to have’ loved tattoos has changed. Now your primary focus is on getting your tattoos removed but you are uncertain as to how to go about doing that and exactly how painful it will be.


Tattoo removal does, in fact, create some degree of physical pain and noticeable irritation to the parts of your body being treated. However, knowing full well that everybody is different and that everybody responds differently to anything and everything in life, and that everyone has a different pain threshold, the pain level will absolutely not be the same for every person. Because of these facts, it is nearly impossible to flat out define and rate how painful a tattoo removal can and will be.

How Tattoo Removal Works

The laser tattoo removal treatment involves different light pulses that are directed at the tattoo being removed. The light hits the skin surface and causes noticeable disruption to the placement of the tattoo ink which allows for your body to break down the color and absorb it into the skin. This procedure can be easily performed on small or larger sections of the body and can be used to remove an entire tattoo or parts of it, such as a specific name or initials. The procedure is both effective and successful with tattoos of every color but does, however, seem to work the easiest and fastest on tattoos that are black, red or navy blue, with all other colors being a bit more of a challenge.


It is important for individuals to understand that tattoo removal is not a speedy process, but rather takes a good deal of time since the skin needs to be able to heal properly in between multiple sessions. If ample time is not allowed between sessions, the skin is unable to heal and rebound properly and will ultimately result in scarring and unsightly skin textures that cannot be avoided or reversed. The average number of sessions required to completely remove an unwanted tattoo falls between 8 and 10 sessions for average tattoos and much longer periods of time for tattoos of greater sizes.

Having explained somewhat here how the process works, it is understandable why the removal process would be painful. Certainly injecting the skin’s surface multiple times, session after session, is sure to result in some levels of pain, regardless of how great your pain threshold may be. Disrupting the typical presence and function of your skin is apt to present with undesirable pain that even the biggest and most muscular person does not welcome.

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